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Non-A/c Room Rs. 150 Per Day
A/c Room Rs. 400 Per Day
100 Rooms Choultry which is very accessible to the temple and with all facilities.
5 Blocks of VIP Cottages and Suite are Under Construction
5 Blocks of VVIP Cottages and Suite are Under Construction
Individual Cottages are Under Construction

Saswatha Nityaannadanam Pathakam
In this Beautiful world every one needs food to survive; Annadanam will give more satisfaction than any danams.
Donors who donates 1, 00,116/- will be called as MAHARAJAPOSHAKULU
Donors who donates 50,116/- will be called as RAJAPOSHAKULU
Donors who donates 25,116/- will be called as MAHAPOSHAKULU
Donors who donates 10,116/- will be called as POSHAKULU
Donors who donates 1,116/- will be called as Ordinary Members.
Temple is providing Full Meals for 15/- in janatha Canteen
5 Blocks of V.I.P Cottages with worth of 6, 50, 00,000/-
One Suite Room Construction worth of 6, 00,000/-
100 Feet Road with worth of 2, 25, 00,000/-
5 Blocks of V.V.I.P Cottages with worth of 4, 00, 00,000/-
One Suite Room Construction worth of 20, 00,000/-
Individual cottages each worth of 15, 00,000/-
Dormitory Cottages Worth of 15, 00,000/-
Gold Kavacham to Vimana Gopuram worth of 6, 00, 00,000

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26 Mar 2010
With a view to augmenting the amenities at the famous Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple at Kanipakam around 65 k.m. from here, the temple authorities have finalised a comprehensive plan with a financial outlay of Rs.2.56 cr.
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Please enroll yourself as a Donor for a room in 220 rooms Cottage constructed by the temple For the Convenience of the Devotees.
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